Show Detail

Feb 03, 2018 @22:00 EST - Live Music : Alex Anthony and Adam Tribble!

Join us At Fody's Great American Tavern in Downtown Nashua and Enjoy our Musical.

Feb 09, 2018 @22:00 EST - Best Not Broken - Fody's Great American Tavern

Best Not Broken at Fody's Great american Tavern Enjoy your favorite tunes and big prize will be handed out. Prepare get your weirdest!

Feb 21, 2018 @18:00 EST - The Magnolia Jazz Band

Get the best wedding musical and family party at The Starbright Theatre. Come and Enjoy Big Sensational!

Apr 13 - 26, 2018 @06:00 - 21:00 EDT - SGT. Stubby : An American Hero

Don't Forget To join Us here at Big Theater Festival Glory

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Stubbies Assemble CD and Folk Yer Face t-shirts are available at all Stubby shows and online at the stubby store!