Andrew “Ace” Mithun – Lead Vocals, Percussion, Tin Whistle

Andy's Musical styling has always been quite straight forward, Playing drums in hard rock/ metal bands since he was 10. His early musical influences were bands such as "Iron Maiden" and "Dream Theater." His singing and stage abilities were learned and hond in choirs and theater productions, which he joined due to interest in the bombastic styles of singers such as Geoff Tate and Michael Kiske. His eventual journey into the realms of Irish music came more from his love of Renaissance culture/music. Originally planning on making the Stubby Shillelaghs more of a minstrel/ bard group, his collaboration with Shaughnessy and Ryan made it so much more.

Andrew Ace Mithun

Shaughnessy “Shag Nasty McD” McDaniel – Mandolin, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Shaughnessy's musical background is diverse. He began playing guitar at the age of 11, lending himself towards a more “punk” style. It was his early punk fascination that led him to listening and learning the music of bands like “Flogging Molly” and “The Dropkick Murphys”. After high school, Shaughnessy went to school at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where he became “Jake Blues” in a very successful Blues Brothers cover band that played from 2006 to 2007. In 2009 he became involved as a vocalist in a heavy metal project but suffered from creative differences with the other members and left the band in early 2010. It was at this point that he decided to return to being primarily an instrumentalist and picked up the mandolin for the first time in the Spring of 2010. The Stubby Shillelaghs is the culmination of his fascination with Celtic Culture, his Celtic heritage, and the history of both Ireland and Scotland.

Shaughnessy Shag Nasty McD McDaniel

Ryan “The Knaubler” Knaub – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ryan Knaub was born June 18th, 1988 in Greeley, CO. He has been involved in many styles of music ranging from bluegrass gospel to big band jazz to heavy metal. Its no surprise that he eventually ended up giving Irish drinking songs a try. Originally just a bass and bass guitar player, he stepped it up to include acoustic guitar, and a small amount of mandolin and banjo for the Stubby Shillelaghs. He has always prided himself on being a very versatile, eclectic musician, with influences from every genre of music there is.

Ryan The Knaubler Knaub

Eric Fischer – Fidel, Vocals

Eric Fischer plays Fiddle with pro and very fantastic with his performance. With a long experience in the field of playing this music, Eric Fischer has received various awards with us. How to play music he really has its own style. so that's what gives more value than skilled music players.

Ryan The Knaubler Knaub

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